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Our history

50 years of history


The Villa of Zerman was built by the patrician Venetian family, Condulmer, at the end of the 17th century, on the ruins of an old Benedictine convent. When the Veneto region passed into the hands of the Austrians, the Villa was bought by the powerful Graz family, who subsequently changed their name to Grassi, after establishing permanent residency in Venice.

The Villa was completely restored in accordance with the style of the times. Later, it was purchased by the Tornielli, a noble family from Piedmont. The Torniellis were music lovers, who frequently hosted Giuseppe Verdi at Zerman, where he composed part of The Traviata on a piano that still exists today.

In 1958, Villa Condulmer became an exclusive hotel and in February,1960, Golf Club Villa Condulmer was born, with the first nine holes designed by the architect, John Harris.

Thereafter, thanks to the hotel's concession of the conservatory and the structure that today houses the caddie master, the first Club House was created. This was followed by the purchase of the building that is now the present Club House. Then came the expansion; the wing dedicated to the locker rooms; the restaurant; the terrace; and the second nine holes designed by Marco Croze.


The nine-hole executive course and the renovation of the turf of the Championship course with Bermuda Grass, complement the existing structure.



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Our Philosophy

Renewing tradition


To enter the gate of Golf Club Villa Condulmer is to experience the history of golf in the Veneto region. It is important to note that many golfers who have made this sport great have passed through here.

For 56 years, Golf Club Villa Condulmer has been offering high quality services to golfers and guests alike -- all of whom can enjoy the magical atmosphere of this Club, where one can experience the shared values that have always been part of sport, tradition and elegance.

Today the Club has completely renovated the Championship Course, reseeding its 18 holes with Bermuda Grass.  The famous "Bermuda Grass," capable of absorbing rainwater as no other variety of grass can, was planted on the second nine holes in the Summer of 2015, and in May 2016, the planting was completed on the first nine holes.  Now the Course is perfectly playable all year round, regardless of weather.  

With the nine-hole Executive Course and the planting of Bermuda Grass on the Championship Course, Golf Club Villa Condulmer is structurally complete.  This, together with the general improvements and the excellent collaboration with Hotel Villa Condulmer, has brought the Club once again to the attention of the National Golf Circuit and Sponsors, guaranteeing new prospects for Golf Club Villa Condulmer.


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